Tennessee Mountain Pure, an American-owned bottled spring water company founded in 1996 by President and CEO, Bruce Braithwaite, is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Donald Dortch, Executive Vice President, emphasizes that we stress the importance of personal and professional growth and understand that individual satisfaction is achieved only when our professionals are challenged to excel for our customers.
The corporate philosophy promulgated by the companies under the management and control of the CEO, Bruce Braithwaite, is to compete with a level of service unmatched by his competition by always being available to his employees and customers. The principle of success is measured by the value of the result Tennessee Mountain Pure produces for its customers. As a result, all the company’s efforts, including the personal goals and objectives of its employees, are ultimately directed toward achieving the following three goals:

1. Provide consumers with the freshest, purest spring water available.
2. Surpass client expectations.
3. Recognize that the collective skills, knowledge and experience of Tennessee Mountain Pure employees represent our most valuable resource and are key differentiators from competitors.


Our philosophy of pursuing excellence through employee satisfaction in turn enhances our customer satisfaction and delivers superior service and results. The road to profitability, pursuant to the mission of Tennessee Mountain Pure, is the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in all business relationships, whether involving employees or customers.

"Treat your employees, customers, suppliers and business associates
as you would want them to treat you."