Natural springs have been depended upon for survival for centuries, as far back as our primitive ancestors.  Towns were built around water sources in later years. Unfortunately, recently, pollution has seeped its way into our lakes, rivers and watersheds to render a lot of these natural water resources unusable.  But what if there was a source of water buried so far beneath solid rock, so removed from human activities, that purity could be preserved?  Now, that would truly be nature's hidden treasure! 
Our Bald Mountain spring is such a natural treasure!  One of only a limited number of such natural, protected springs in North Carolina, our pristine source lies beneath solid bedrock, untouched by pollution, certified by both the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina Spring Water Association.

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Our other natural spring water source, certified as a protected spring by the Tennessee State Department of Agriculture, is Mill Springs, nestled deep in the Foothill Mountains of Tennessee.  This spring also offers some of the purest spring water available.

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12 oz.
(as 24/case, two 12-packs or four 6-packs)
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(24/case, two 12-packs or four 6-packs)
20 oz.
(24/case, two 12-packs or four 6-packs)
24-oz. (24/case)
1 liter (12/case or two 6-packs)
1.5 liter (12/case)
1 gallon (3/case)
2.5 gallon (1/case)
3 gallon (bottles)
5 gallon (bottles)



Sports cap on all sizes except gallons
Full PET and HDPE product lines
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"We will not know the worth of water until the well runs dry."

-Benjamin Franklin ............................

Tennessee Mountain Pure Spring Water originates from protected natural springs deep in the Foothill Mountains of Tennessee and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where the water flows naturally and we never have to worry about contamination from chemicals.
The water flows through limestone, which is nature's way of cleaning water. All minerals are left intact, which is most important for a healthy body. There has not been anything added or taken away from this pure water. The same quality of water has been flowing through these mountains for centuries.
Our natural spring water is filtered through nine steps, with the last being ultraviolet micro filtration and ozonation, exceeding governmental standards.
Tennessee Mountain Pure Spring Water is continuously tested at the source and inspected by federal and state health officials in order to verify that our spring water complies with specific, rigorous standards set by the government.
Preliminary research has found that 8-10 glasses of water consumed per day provides the most healthful benefits to the body. Political leaders, celebrities, entertainers and sports figures consume Tennessee Mountain Pure Spring Water.
Natural Mineral Sources: Tennessee Mountain Pure contains many traces of minerals that the body needs, including calcium and magnesium.

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